New fire escapes for MOD mountain training centre

AN MOD mountain training centre is now in tip top shape thanks to work carried out by the NEWCo team.

Following an inspection of the premises by Fairhurst Engineers, NEWCo were instructed by Bidwells (Fort William) to replace the fire escapes at the building in Kinlochleven which is owned by the SIMEC/Liberty Group.

Alan Stewart, who managed the project said: “Our design was based on the original fire escapes, however to meet with current building regulations, we increased the handrail height to 1100mm and increased the width as the old stairs were too narrow and handrails too low.

“Also, in one instance there was only a fire ladder as a means of escape which we replaced with a full stair case.”

Alan added: “To complement the job, we also arranged the civils aspect of the project which included foundation pads and decorative chips. We also had to ensure we didn’t disturb access to nearby guest accommodation which shares the access road.”

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