NEWCo jump to rescue in emergency jobs

The completed works at Upperfalloch

THE NEWCo team have come to the rescue of two different clients in differing sectors who needed emergency repair works done.

Working for Campbell of Doune on a Hydro Scheme at Upperfalloch near Crianlarich, the NEWCo team were able to fix some localised corrosion on the internals of a steel pipe fitting.

The hydro scheme is on the Glen Falloch Estate which lies within the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park.

Hugh Campbell of Campbell of Doune said: “The client and all members of the project team at Upperfalloch Hydro were delighted with the proactive and speedy response of Newco last week.”

Quick response

The NEWCo team’s quick response meant that a separate workforce travelling from overseas to reinstate the pipeline did not need to be postponed.

The second job took place a bit closer to home for Liberty British Aluminium, who like NEWCo have a base at Fort William.

This project which took three shifts to complete involved repairs to a containment enclosure at the site.

NEWCo foreman Dave Hollands explained: “It was extremely important that we handled both of these jobs quickly and efficiently to ensure that there was as little disruption as possible to the customers.

“The repair work at Crianlarich was completed within the same day. We headed down as soon as we got the call and as it was a relatively simple job, we were able to complete it there and then. It wasn’t complex for us, but it was crucial for the client as a delay in the repair could have had a knock-on effect for the rest of the project.”

Dave added: “The nature of the job for Liberty Aluminium meant it took longer, however we reacted to it as soon as the call came in and it was completed within three shifts. Basically, a piece of equipment which has a very hard life at the plant had broken. The equipment is used to break down the old aluminium at the depot and it is constantly getting thumped. The part that we needed to repair had been repaired several times before. We took it back to the good bit and cut in new plates which were fabricated at NEWCo.

“Being able to react to these types of jobs is what puts the NEWCO team above others. We have a great reputation for this type of work and that’s because we have a loyal, hardworking team who know what they are doing.”

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