Canal now accessible to all

NEWCo has completed works for Scottish Canals at its lock gates at Corpach which saw them engineering the project from concept, to fabrication, to installation.

The NEWCo team was tasked with modifying the canal crossing to ensure that they are accessible for people with mobility issues.

Alan Stewart who coordinated the project explained: “The canal crossing at Corpach is part of the West Highland Way, a route which is accessible to all users. However, a significant “step up” onto the Canal Lock Gates were too high for an individual with mobility issues. A number of other lock gates across Scotland had already been modified to resolve this issue however Corpach hadn’t, so we were asked to submit a suggested solution and costs to rectify the access issue.”

He added: “Once an order had been secured, armed with a brief scope and design our experienced fabricators carried out a full site survey taking into account the various obstacles to overcome (lack of foundations/off-level lock gates/rotation of the gates). A number of templates followed with a full trial assembly prior to installation.”


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